Warning: Using this method you will become a professional app creator.

Warning: Using this method you will become a professional app creator.


Create your first no-code mobile app and publish it on Apple and Google Stores in 10 days.​

50 % OFF! Today only for $69. One-time payment. Access forever!

50 % OFF! Today only for $69. One-time payment. Access forever!

If you know how to make a Power Point presentation you’ll know how to make an app - we guarantee it!

(We are going to make 2 apps live in this course to prove it)

“I make apps for various clients as a freelancer and I earn 20x the average salary in my country”

Michael, 32

economist with no prior knowledge of coding or any IT background

“I’ve started a mobile app production agency using this method, 300+ clients so far”

Jeff, 32

college dropout with no prior knowledge of coding or any IT background

“My friends couldn’t believe I made this app. It’s been featured in top 100 apps in my country”

Chloe, 28

ex-pharmacist with no prior knowledge of coding or any IT background

“I had a startup idea, and the lowest development offer was $10.000. So I made the app myself instead

Jacob, 24

self-educated with no prior knowledge of coding or any IT background



In this video you will see how I create a fully functional Real Estate App in real time in under a minute!

“This is the Canva for building apps” – Allesandro, no-code app maker

Apps without coding? Is this a joke?

Yes, the days of coding and expensive developers are over! You may not have heard about this in the news, but for the past few years there has been a way to create apps without any coding -just by dragging and dropping elements.

For example, this is how I made an app for real estate listings:


Hi, my name is Nemanja and I will be your mentor on this course.

I studied economics and I am a marketer and copywriter. I have never had any formal education or training in coding or anything similar. So you’re probably wondering why you should listen to me when it comes to app development? Well, the story goes something like this:
My girlfriend is a fitness trainer and two years ago she wanted to create a mobile app for her clients. So she asked me to find a developer to do it.
I contacted several developers, both freelancers and agencies. And the lowest offer I got was about $4500 (from a junior developer). Senior developers asked for $8000 or more.

So, I decided to try to do it myself…

I started watching coding tutorials for mobile apps, thinking “I will learn to code on my own”. Well, I quickly changed my mind as soon as I had seen a few coding videos. I realized it would take years and it’s only for those “smart guys” that are like 0,1% of the population.. No wonder they charge that much!

And I was about to give up, but then something happened.

Soon after my GF got the app… made by me! How?

I stumbled upon a news article about the new “no-coding” method for creating apps. Most people still don’t know that this is possible, and I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it. There’s a new platform that enables anyone to make apps using a drag and drop method. 

The only problem for me was that this “no-code” platform is rather new, and there’s not much information on how to use it. Yes, it is very, very simple once you figure out how it works. And it took me six long months of trials and errors to learn everything that I will show you in this course in just 10 days.

Yes, you will be able to create an app after 10 days. Even the complex ones.

When I say “I will teach you to create an app in 10 days”, I don’t mean a simple app with a “Hello World” button in it. 

I promise you’ll learn to create apps identical to the ones you already use every day.

Apps such as:

– Food ordering apps like Glovo or Wolt for a restaurant
– Fitness app like TammyFit or Sweat
– Social networking apps such Instagram for a specific users
– eCommerce app-shop like Sephora or ASOS

…or any kind of app you can think of… except for maybe some deep tech apps or games that still require a developer.

Here are some real apps made using this method:

Dining Made Easy

Taranvir Johal

Find a place to eat, make a reservation, and order your food all before heading into the restaurant. It’s a game changer for the in-person dining experience. Say goodbye to all of the hassles of waiting for a table, ordering your food or splitting the check.

Tia Lorens
eCommerce app

Nemanja Lakic

Shop your favourite clothes easily on our app.


Manage restaurant amenities, utilities, and tasks all in one app.

Chris George

MyCFA was designed primarily for my restaurant to help reduce the amount of applications we had to use and focus on what we truly wanted in an app. Manage employee allowances, food waste and inventory tracking, guest complaint logging, and much more all in one app.


Musam is an App for Women to Buy & Sell Affordable Preloved Fashion

Alexandre Ingargiola

Musam is an app for women to buy & sell affordable preloved fashion. Currently the app is used in the United Arab Emirates, with plans for expansion into nearby regions. With features to list clothes, purchase clothes, following sellers, and favoriting items — the app is a unique hybrid of a social & marketplace app.


We believe everyone is an influencer.

Shantanu Srivastava

Every day we click photos & in every second or third photo, there is a brand product in it. So we designed a platform where you can post photos, tag the brands in the photo & get rewards by brands itself.


An advisory board for you and your friends

Saba Karim

Clique is a personal advisory board for you, you friends, and your mentors.
Create Boards about topics you care about
Invite friends to become Advisors
Ask questions you need help with
Join friends Boards and return the favor

It helps you make mindful decisions.


GIG UP is a Safe Way for Fans and Music Artists to Connect and Interact Live

Hugh Campbell

Artists, fans and venues – Allows fans to find gigs and events via our gig guide, interacts with artists live either at a gig, event or a live stream. Fans can send shout outs to the artist, request songs and even send digital tips.- Allows artists to grow a larger and more interactive fan base than any other platform offers.

Write Together

Write On is a fun writing app. Express your creative side & collect family stories

Bikul Koirala & Niroj Bhattarai

Users can build and share their stories with the entire world, privately with friends, or even collect family stories with family members and relatives. Either way, our app makes writing and collaborating fun and seamless.

….and hundreds more!

So, what are you going to see and learn in this course?

This is not a basic course that just tells you about the options and features of the platform. I will create two fully functional apps using the platform so you can see how everything works in action – from the first sketches of the app to publishing on the App store and Google Play store.

You will learn things such as:


How much you can earn by making mobile apps


How to manage app screens


How to brand your app


App Planning and Organization


Advanced platform components


Software recommendations for creating beautifuly designed apps


How to create an app prototype


How to use forms in apps


Creating app functions (Create, Update, Delete)


How to create an Admin function


Everything that you need to know about Databases


How to establish appropriate relationships between databases


Using lists


Creating your own app functionalities


LIVE: Creating an app for German language learning (whole process)


LIVE: Creating a Fitness app (from scratch)


LIVE: Publishing Fitness App to Apple App Store and Google Play Store


And many more awesome things!

I want you to focus all your attention on creating mobile apps for your business, or for your clients and start making money.

When I was creating my first app I lost months before I figure out how everything works on this platform. I don’t want you to waste your time looking for solutions that are often not even available on the Internet.

Trust me, you are going to save months of researching launching this course!

You will not be learning how to code!!

Let me tell you a few essential things about this course:

First thing that you need to know – in this course we are not coding (programming)!

So, what are we doing?

We’ll be using a platform that gives the ability to create mobile apps by simply moving the elements with the mouse (okay, we’ll be using keyboard too).

You must be wondering, so let me tell you right away:

1.  No, you don’t need any previous experience in making apps.
2. No, you don’t need MAC to create iOS app (this platform allows you to create iOS apps on PC and to publish them to the Apple App Store)
3. Yes, you can make social media apps on this platform.
4. Yes, your apps can be published for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


What types of apps you will be able to make after this course?!

After finishing this course you will have gained knowledge that will allow you to create:

  • Chat Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Dating Apps,
  • Coaching Apps,
  • Food Ordering Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Language Learning Apps
  • E-Commerce Apps
  • Social Media Apps…

Whatever you want!

You’ll be able to turn any idea into an app, EASILY.

Enroll in this course and find out how to make Android and iOS apps with no IT background, in fact without programming at all.

You are going to love this platform, and this course. 🙂

Who should enroll in this course:

  • Do you want to have your own app?
  • Do you want to create your own social media or chat app?
  • Are you maybe a coach, fitness trainer, educator or similar and you want to have your own app?
  • Maybe you have an amazing app idea, but it cost too much to develop it?
  • Do you want to sell physical products or digital products in your app?
  • Do you want to make an app, even though  you don’t have coding skills?
  • Have you ever tried to make apps but failed for some reason?
  • Are you a restaurant owner and you want your own app because you don’t want to pay big fee to companies whose applications you use?
  • Do you want to start your own business as a freelancer or an agency?
  • Are you looking for a way to earn extra money by creating apps?
  • Do you want to sell your app, or some parts of it (in-app purchases)?

If you have answered with “YES” to any of these questions, this course IS FOR YOU!!!

Who shouldn't enroll in this course

If you:

  • want to pay a lot of money to developers for an app that you can make in few days
  • don’t want to earn some extra cash
  • don’t want to make an app for your loved ones
  • don’t want to to be ahead of your competition

Then, this course is not for you…

I want to enroll in this course but I am scared because I don’t have any previous experience...

Don’t worry. As I have said several times before, you don’t need any previous experience. You don’t need to know anything about creating mobile apps. I will explain you everything to you step by step in this course.

If  you’re wondering what do you need for this course, here’s the answer:

– the internet 

– the desire to learn 

Yes, only those 2 things.

After finishing this course you will have learned how to create mobile apps even though you have never tried to make one – I guarantee!

I know that you are the next app creator!

Enroll now and start making real apps.
Turn all your ideas into an app.

Let’s talk about the price.

The price of the course is $69 (50% OFF today ONLY).

You have the possibility of earning at least 5 times more from your first job as an app creator, or even faster selling it on marketplaces.

What are you getting for this price?

  • 6 months course access 
  • Closed FB group access
  • My support + support of all FB group members 
  • Access to all my new lessons (I create new lessons every month)


Hm, I could easily say "IT'S PRICELESS", because it really is, but...

...TODAY IT'S ONLY: $69 (50% OFF)



You are still here???

There are some awesome apps waiting for create them. 


There are some awesome apps waiting for you for create them. 

Just in case that you’re still on this page
(I really hope you’re not)

let me show you what –


Mladen Jukic

FB Ads Expert

No Coding Experience
Milos Vukovljak

Electrical Engineer

No Coding Experience
Branka Bukvic


No Coding Experience


No Coding Experience

Marketing Director

No Coding Experience


Marketing Manager

No Coding Experience

Electrical Engineer

No Coding Experience

Electrical Engineer

No Coding Experience
Finding the right tool to bring an idea to life can be challenging. Within 4 days, I was able to launch an app on the iOS App Store by using this method.

Matt, no-code app creator
Being an app developer has always been a dream of mine. This method made my dream a swift reality.

Chris, no-code app creator
It's, by far, the most intuitive No-Coding platform in the market. I love it!

Paolo, no-code app creator
In only a few days, I've been blown away by what I could achieve!

Jeremy , no-code app creator
I suggest that all business' or designers to use this method to publish their apps!

Rashod, no-code app creator
The benefit is that we can have an idea, but we aren’t going to go bankrupt by having that idea developed.

Alexander , no-code app creator
I love being able to translate an idea into a real app in record time!

Emma, no-code app creator
Best way to learn how to create an app without knowing how to code: amazing for a new generation of creators!

Anastasia, no-code app creator


Absolutely not! Method that I am going to show you in this course allows everyone to become an app creator!

If you carefully watch all my videos, you can create your first app in about 10 days, depending on the complexity of the app.

There are more than 12 hours of recorded videos.

You’ll have access forever to the course and 6 months to a closed FB group where you will be getting my full support (and support of all other students).

Yes of course! You can extend access the closed FB group.

Sure! You can also enable in-app purchases in your apps, using this method that I am demonstrating in this course!

Every single month I record new lessons. And yes, you will have access to the new lessons too.

At the end, here’s

An important message for you!

Make your choice...

Are you ready to become an app creator, without any prior experience
and without having written a single line of code?

Are you ready to become an app creator, without any prior experience and without having written a single line of code?

I am sure you are!

I turned an idea into a product in literally 48 hours!

Maria, no-code app creator

I turned an idea into a product
in literally 48 hours!

Maria, no-code app creator

Hurry Up! The clock is ticking...

Hurry Up!
The clock is ticking...


Enroll in this course for $69!

Tomorrow might be late! 


Enroll in this course for $69!

Tomorrow might be late! 

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